One Of The Most Unique Aspects of PIVO Brewery

August 26, 2022

A short story about the barn wood in PIVO Event Center.


White Washed History

Above the dance floor inside the PIVO Event Center is a peak to the ceiling that is covered in barn wood. Throughout PIVO Brewery and Blepta Studios, you’ll find reused or repurposed items and materials. Walking in the front door, you’ll see old pews from Saint Aloysius church, sconces from Hotel Winneshiek, table legs made from dairy pipes, doors from Saint Francis DeSales Rectory, and a display case from a tobacco store.

Barn Wood at PIVO Brewery

For our Event Center, we used barn wood with family history. As we built the Event Center, Sara’s father carefully removed his great-grandfather’s (Sara’s great-great-grandfather’s) barn and milking parlor. The home-sawed century-old wood from the milking parlor had layers of white wash paint. You can easily see short strips of clean unpainted wood where the hay loft floor boards had been nailed to the parlor rafters.

We love how the wood adds a layer of texture to our new construction while reminding us of our history at PIVO Brewery.

Local History at PIVO Brewery

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