The Bar that’s Winning the Hearts of Calmar

June 9, 2022

About PIVO Event Center Bar in Calmar

The following is a short story written by Craig Neuzil, Co-Owner of PIVO in Calmar, Iowa.

Did you know that the wood found on our bar top was made with live edge wood slabs that are over 100 years old?

PIVO Brewery’s building site started as a corn field with a few scattered remains of a homestead farm. Earthwork for building construction meant that the two 100-year-old White Pine trees growing on it had to be taken down. The logs from both pine trees were saved, but there was no plan for what to do with them.

They were hauled out to the Neuzil farm and rested for a couple of years until the new event center bar needed a face.


Local Partnerships

The logs were cut into slabs by Silver Creek Hardwood Floors in Calmar, then Gossling Woodworking in Waucoma kiln-dried and finished them. Gary Gossling sorted through all of the slabs to create the best combination of live edges and personally installed them to create the beautiful, unique bar you see today.

Hopefully, the trees will now see another 100 years of usefulness.

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