PIVO Brewery Menu for Weddings & Events

August 26, 2022

Design the menu for your wedding at PIVO Brewery

We are excited to share how accommodating it is to host your wedding at the PIVO Event Center located on the outskirts of Calmar, Iowa. When preparing your PIVO Brewery menu, whether drink or food, we want you to feel confident and relaxed about hosting your wedding at a one-of-a-kind location

Services Offered

The team at PIVO Brewery offers several services to ensure that every couple’s day is an unforgettable and seamless experience. To ensure you and your family can relax on the big day, PIVO Brewery offers setup and clean-up. The team’s friendly bartenders are also available throughout your evening. 

Choose your Caterers

When considering your PIVO Brewery Menu for your event, you choose your caterers. This allows you to personalize the food you want at a price range that makes sense for your budget. Your chosen caterers will be welcome to set up their equipment in our kitchen area, where they will have ample space to prepare and serve the meal you’ve planned. 

Some of the caterers that we have worked with include:

PIVO Brewery Menu- Drinks

When choosing your PIVO Brewery menu, it’s no surprise if you’re curious about the drinks we can provide. Whether a single or multi-day rental, you’ll be able to select from 11 different PIVO kegs and six canned alcoholic beverages. The standard selection of wine and non-alcoholic drinks on our taproom menu will also be available.

Interested in more details?

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